The close-knit sisterhood in Zeta Tau Alpha is not only noticed by its members but by other people and organizations at Virginia Tech. Each semester several sisterhood events are planned to give girls the opportunity to spend time with each other. These events vary each month and include dinners, hiking, tubing down the river, and often helping out in the community. In addition to spending time together, the girls in ZTA are extremely supportive of each other and are always willing to help out one another whenever possible. From sending a sister Campus Cookies during a tough time to helping out with school work, or even just spending time with one another, the girls of Zeta have made sisterhood a top priority. From the first day as a new member when you are introduced to your sisters until the day of graduation when you walk with your sisters, members learn to love and care about each other as if they were family.

Some of our Sisterhood events are:

“Strangers we entered, friends we became, sisters we remain…”

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